What if

you could run

Artificial Intelligence

…with the power of your smartphone?

  • Overview photo of a conversation with the Q8-RWKV-4-World-1B5 Language Model

AltaeraAI is a Termux wrapper that packages KoboldCpp and Kobold Lite UI for native usage on Android devices.

AltaeraAI is a Free and Open Source solution for running GGML/GGUF models with the power of your smartphone. It wraps around Termux instructions for installing Artix Linux with all the necessary dependencies in the “PRoot Distro” environment, and then installs KoboldCpp as both the back-end and the front-end UI (KoboldLite). Lastly, it adds lines of arguments in your “bash.bashrc” file, so that you can easily reach out for MENU by simply typing “ae“.

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