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Why AltaeraAI?

Short answer:
  • To put it shortly and without unnecessary scientific mush, the general belief behind the project was to completely democratize access to Artificial Intelligence. This project provides an automated installation process to deploy AI models an easy way, everything running locally on your smartphone. AltaeraAI will always remain free.

Long answer:
  • This project was directly derived from an ethics-related imperative. We believe in the power of freedom and privacy, hence comes the effort to create a work which would contain best free and open solutions for deployment and communication with Artificial Intelligence. The best way to utilize such solutions is to use a device owned by a majority of digitized people – a smartphone; to be precise – the power of it. As a proof of concept, we argue that one does not necessarily need to use large LLM-s, generally utilized by powerful machines. In fact, you may find that your smartphone is more than enough to deploy a coherent and complex AI model.

How does it work?

  • The same way it does on a regular consumer-grade PC. The only difference is that the project utilizes very lightweight and open software, so that it can work on smartphones. This makes it fully localized and completely private, you can even use it offline.

What software is it utilizing?