Utilised Software

The software utilised by the AltaeraAI project is as follows:
Android OS

Free and Open-Source Mobile Operating System.


Free and Open-Source Terminal Emulator for Android.

Artix Linux

Linux distribution based on Arch Linux, running in a PRoot-Distro environment.


KoboldCpp is an easy-to-use AI text-generation software for GGML models. It’s a single package that builds off llama.cpp and adds a versatile Kobold API endpoint, as well as a fancy UI with persistent stories, editing tools, save formats, memory, world info, author’s note, characters, scenarios and everything Kobold and Kobold Lite have to offer.

Source: https://github.com/LostRuins/koboldcpp/wiki


RWKV (pronounced RwaKuv) is an RNN with GPT-level LLM performance, and can also be directly trained like a GPT transformer (parallelizable).

Source: http://www.rwkv.com/