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  • Update: Adding model-size auto-detection

    The aforementioned brings a functionality which allows for an automatic detection of the AI model size on the basis of device’s compute capacity. This function is now set up as default, provided the installed app is up-to-date. However, the user is still allowed to change the model according to their desire (

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  • Update: Adding a model-selection command

    Another day, another update to add more functionalities to AltaeraAI. Ideally, it would be best if we could unify the experience for everyone. But, even if such approach was used, we would be left with the unfortunate users who do not meet specified system requirements. On the other hand, there would also be an amount…

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  • Update: Adding prompts for new languages

    This is not an update to the language model itself, but should show some improvement in the way AI communicates in languages other than English. Do expect it to still lack foreign language capabilities nevertheless, until future updates to the model. To update AltaeraAI, open Termux and paste in following command: Then, to change your…

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