Custom AI Model

This instruction will provide an answer on how to use AI Models (GGML/GGUF) that are not listed on the Models’ list.

First of all, know that you can simplify the whole process by restoring a downloaded model from the”/sdcard/Download” directory via the appropriate button in the AI Models Settings section.

However, you can also login directly into the AltaeraAI PRoot Distro and download a model from there.

In order to do this, in Termux, type in “aelogin“. Then enter the models directory by “cd models“. Now, you can download your desired model with “wget [URL]” from sources like HuggingFace. Remember to always delete unwanted last letters from the download link, so that it ends with either “.bin” or “.gguf“.

Finally, you can exit the PRoot Distro with “exit“. Then use “ae” to load up the MENU again.